Domestic Violence

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Under Oregon law, domestic violence can be charged when an allegation of abuse occurs between adult family members, spouses or ex-spouses, parents of children, or people who are currently or who have in the past been sexually intimate with each other. Typically these cases are charged as assault, strangulation, or menacing. Domestic violence charges can have significant consequences both legally and personally. Parenting rights can be terminated and you can lose your right to carry a gun. As a trusted counselor and zealous advocate, Robert Cleland has defended many domestic violence cases to either a not guilty verdict at jury trial or to the point where the state was forced to dismiss the charges prior to trial. If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence it is in your best interest to call an attorney to help protect your rights throughout the process. Robert Cleland can help you. Call Domestic Violence lawyer Robert Cleland at 503-490-7511 for a free telephone consultation.